Sarah Harding-Roberts

I’m Sarah. I’m the author of the ebook (soon to be series) Scourge, which follow the life of Lilith Black, who was once known as Lilith the Scourge. Lilith is a demon who has abandoned her darker ways in search of a kinder outlook on the human race she once sought to exterminate.

Lilith was buried with the Titanic when an attack from an enraged Angel saw her pinned to the side of the failing ship, and ninety seven years later – Lilith is found and awakes from her watery coma to find herself in the middle of modern Britain. Her return causes new friendships, new problems and old enemies to come crawling out of the woodwork of the universe in a bid to stop her from stopping their plans.

It’s available on Amazon right now for free until the end of the weekend.

Here’s the cover, created by Kate Evans: